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  • Diagnostic Fee


    Waived with repair. Dishwasher $85

  • Second Unit


    Additional appliance diagnostic

How It Works

  • 1. Call or Book Online - 1 Min

    Same & next day appointments available

  • 2. Technician is about to Arrive

    Free service call with repair. You will receive a written estimate for labor and parts

  • 3. Expert Repair & Warranty

    We service all brands & models. Enjoy peace of mind with 90-day warranty

Warranty We Provide

90 days

Standard on All Repairs

6–12 months

Refrigerator Compressor & Sealed System

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Meet Our Team

  • Igor S. photo

    Igor S.

    Jack of All Trades
    • 10 Years Experience
    • Licensed & Insured
  • Ivan S. photo

    Ivan S.

    Refrigerator Expert
    • 8 Years Experience
    • Licensed & Insured
  • Andrew T. photo

    Andrew T.

    Washer & Dryer Master
    • 5 Years Experience
    • Licensed & Insured
  • Stewart O. photo

    Stewart O.

    Jack of All Trades
    • 3 Years Experience
    • Licensed & Insured
  • Kevin P. photo

    Kevin P.

    Jack of All Trades
    • 14 Years Experience
    • Licensed & Insured
  • Gary H. photo

    Gary H.

    Microwave Expert
    • 10 Years Experience
    • Licensed & Insured
  • Eliot W. photo

    Eliot W.

    Customer Support
  • Leo A. photo

    Leo A.

    Dispatch Coordinator
Fixing dryer and washer

Fixing dryer and washer

Compressor repair

Compressor repair

We fill out the warranty after the repair is completed

We fill out the warranty after the repair is completed

The microwave is now working again

The microwave is now working again

Fixing freezer problems

Fixing freezer problems

Sub Zero sealed system repair, not cooling

Sub Zero sealed system repair, not cooling

Evaporator coils restriction

Evaporator coils restriction

KitchenAid burners not working

KitchenAid burners not working

#1 Appliance Repair Serving Orange County, CA Area

Orange County’s three million residents enjoy a nearly perfect climate in which parks and beaches provide abundant opportunities for outdoor activities.

Proud to be selected as an official appliance repair provider for the Orange County Police Department.

Customers Reviews

DD W. avatar

02/09/2024 on

I appreciate that we don't have to flip a coin these days to find help. Going off the reviews, I picked "Dryerfix". Response was immediate. Arrived precisely on time. I had explained the problem before hand. Came, conquered, and buttoned up in 30 min. I always start at $500 for any repair. Large household, we eat appliances for dinner. The bill was beyond reasonable! I hope they fix other appliances, I will put them in my contacts for sure. Excellent experience!
Lk C. avatar
Lk C.

01/31/2024 on

Quick response and quick scheduling. More than reasonable estimate and determined our need. Will use this company again.
Patrick L. avatar
Patrick L.

01/29/2024 on

Called 30 minutes before arriving. He diagnosed the problem after speaking with me. He found the problem within 15 minutes. He advised he had the part, gave me a price which I authorized him to fix. Arrived at about 4pm and finished about 445pm. Very efficient and courteous. I highly recommend this company.
Greg B. avatar
Greg B.

02/08/2024 on

Igor was great. He was quick and efficient. He had the dryer apart, found problem and repaired it. Price was good. I got his card and would recommend and use him again
Michael Rodríguez. avatar
Michael Rodríguez.

02/08/2024 on

The refrigerator at my parents' house had stopped cooling and the team at Appliance Repair USA took my call right away and scheduled a tech to come out the next day. While I couldn't be there for the repair, Igor, the technician that came out, was very friendly and luckily he had the replacement part with him to complete the repair. My parents told me they were beyond satisfied with the whole experience. Thank you, Igor and Appliance Repair USA team!
Sally Szabo. avatar
Sally Szabo.

02/07/2024 on

Igor was great! I’d hire your company again because of him! Oh and you guys were prompt and professional. Perfect experience!

Updates from Our Experts

Appliance Repair Orange County CA: Your Reliable Partner of Daily Chore Efficiency

If you want to ensure the repair process is handled without hustle and bustle, our professional assistance is a good way to ensure your equipment will last and require fewer maintenance funds in the long run. Just check it out!

How Does Our Home Appliances Repair Shop Works?

Even if you have a peculiar inquiry like “ice machine repair service near me”, our team’s services will prove their worth fast. With several centers, you can schedule an in-person meeting with our technicians and ensure same-day LG, Sub-Zero, and Viking appliances troubleshooting.

To make things go smoothly at your end, all you need to do is contact our professionals and tell us more about the issues you want to solve. In turn, we provide a ninety-day warranty — our appliance repair same day service stands out for lasting results.

Check Our Portfolio of Projects

You don’t have to take our expertise for granted — we are happy to showcase our knowledge and experience in practice. The range of home appliance maintenance services our seasoned specialists have coped with so far includes these cases:

  • no proper heating of different types of dryers;
  • getting rid of weird or too noisy performance of home appliances;
  • no power for operation;
  • replacement of details of washers, dryers, and so on;
  • fixing error codes on displays of washers and dryers;
  • regular maintenance services.

Book Your Affordable Same-Day Appliance Repair

Whether you are looking for cheap dryer repair or handling the malfunction of dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, and other types of gear, our multi-year expertise and the latest technologies and tools will guarantee A+ efficiency and performance.

With transparent pricing policies, you will know for sure how much this or that repair project will cost. Now is the time to schedule an appointment online or call us for a personalized and customized service in Orange County!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We understand the urgency, and our skilled technicians are ready for same-day repairs. Contact us for swift assistance.

We specialize in fixing a range of appliances – refrigerators, dryers, washers, ovens, ranges, dishwashers, and freezers.

Yes, we stand by our work! Enjoy peace of mind with our warranty on all appliance repair services. Standard Warranty 90 days, Refrigerator Compressor and sealed system 6-12 months warranty

Scheduling is easy! Call us or use our online form. We respond promptly to get you the service you need.

We proudly serve all of Orange County, ensuring homeowners receive top-notch, reliable repairs.

Our fees vary, and we're transparent about pricing. Contact us for a quote tailored to your needs.

While we can offer initial guidance, our technicians conduct a thorough diagnosis during the service appointment for accuracy.

Our technicians are highly experienced and stay updated with ongoing training to handle the latest technologies.

Common Appliance Problems & Parts We Fix

Is your Samsung or GE fridge giving you the cold shoulder with cooling problems or mysterious noises? Fear not! Our team of fridge whisperers is here to save the day. Whether it's a misbehaving ice maker or a sensor in distress, we swoop in with parts like sensors, thermostats, and compressors to bring your refrigerator back to life.

  • Cooling problems
  • Strange noises
  • Ice maker malfunctions
  • Common Parts Used: Sensor, Thermostats, Compressors

Is your LG or Whirlpool washing machine's spin cycle acting like a wild rollercoaster? Leaks turning laundry day into a waterpark adventure? Don't stress! Our washer wizards know their way around Maytag or Samsung machines. We'll have your washing machine back on track faster than you can say, 'Where's the detergent?'

  • Cooling problems
  • Strange noises
  • Ice maker malfunctions
  • Common Parts Used: Sensor, Thermostats, Compressors

Is your Maytag or Samsung dryer playing it cool with a no-heat policy or tumbling tantrums? Strange noises making it the star of a laundry room concert? Our dryer dynamos wield replacement parts like heating elements, thermostats, and belts to bring the harmony back to your Electrolux or Speed Queen dryer.

  • Failure to heat
  • Tumbling issues
  • Unusual noises
  • Common Parts Used: Heating Elements, Thermostats, Belt

Feeling the heat with temperature troubles, ignition issues, or wonky heating elements in your KitchenAid oven or Viking stove? Our culinary commandos are on the case! Armed with high-quality replacement parts, we'll have your oven, stove, and microwave cooking up a storm again.

  • Temperature regulation problems
  • Ignition issues
  • Faulty heating elements
  • Common Parts Used: Heating Elements, Thermostats

Is your KitchenAid dishwasher more of a dish-misser lately? Wrestling with water drainage dramas or pump predicaments in your Frigidaire or Electrolux dishwasher? Let our dishwasher daredevils handle the dirty work. We'll swap out parts like pumps and motors, turning your dishwasher into a cleaning commando once more.

  • Poor cleaning
  • Water drainage problems
  • Malfunctioning pumps
  • Common Parts We Used: Pumps, Motors

Maintenance Tips

Keep your appliances in top condition with these maintenance tips:

  • Regularly clean refrigerator coils to improve energy efficiency and prolong the life of your appliance.
  • Check and replace water filters to maintain water quality and ice maker functionality.
  • Ensure proper sealing of the refrigerator door to prevent cold air leaks and save energy.
  • Use a mild detergent to clean interior shelves and compartments periodically.

  • Inspect and clean the washing machine drum to prevent mold and unpleasant odors.
  • Use the appropriate amount of detergent to avoid residue buildup and ensure optimal cleaning.
  • Check hoses regularly for leaks and replace them if necessary to prevent water damage.
  • Clean the lint filter in your front-loading washer to maintain efficient drainage.

  • Clear lint from dryer vents regularly to prevent fire hazards and maintain efficient drying.
  • Inspect and clean the lint trap after each load to maximize airflow.
  • Ensure proper ventilation around the dryer to prevent overheating.

  • Inspect oven and stove seals for wear and tear to maintain temperature accuracy.
  • Clean stovetop burners and control knobs regularly to prevent grease buildup.
  • Use aluminum foil to catch spills and crumbs in the oven, making cleanup easier.
  • Perform a self-cleaning cycle for the oven periodically, following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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